We Share this Manifesto with Our Founders We believe that humans, and our collective humanity, are important above all other concerns, Earthly or Cosmic. We seek to ensure that we conduct all business in a manner that is conducive to the ethical generation of profit, knowledge or financial, but not at the expense or harm to society or humanity.

Privacy as a Human Right

We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. Without privacy we cannot share our truest selves with ourselves or others. Without privacy there is no true intimacy. When we are monitored and encapsulated we become cautious and minimise or hide our true selves. We will ensure that we protect individual and personal privacy from monitoring and exploitation. We will protect the authentic experience of intimate communications between humans.

Humanity before Profit

We believe that our humanity should be a protected right. Operating a business should not come at the cost of the humanity of its founders, employees, technicians or consumers. If it does it means that that business is exploitative.

Ecology before Profit

We believe that the potential birthplace of humanity should be nurtured and encouraged to flourish. Future generations deserve a Planet Earth that is green and lush, free of pollution or corruption. For this reason we are committed to research, development and innovation in technologies that help to move humankind to a more caring and symbiotic relationship with our Homeworld. We are committed to ensuring the survival of humanity in our Homeworld.

Positive Societal Impact

We believe that everything we do should have a positive societal impact and not extend the corruption of the Old World. We are committed to ensuring that we protect society and humanity. Our business endeavours will never come at the cost of either.

Pathway to Type II Civilisation

We are committed to ensuring the continued survival of humankind on our Homeworld. We are committed to moving our civilisation towards universal peace, harmony and mutual cooperation for the betterment of all humanity, on and off world.
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