Author: JB Benjamin

  • NEW Version Released!

    We are proud to announce the release of Vox Messenger (Romero 2.2.0). It’s been a long road getting the aMVP ready for release but we made it. I’d like to thank everyone who’s helped me on this journey as well as the people who’ve patiently waited for it to be ready. Test it. Break it. […]

  • We have Evolved

    We’re working actively on improving the user and privacy experience. Now Vox Messenger {PQM} is born. We are committed to pioneering privacy and improving the user experience to ensure that everyone can benefit from true personal privacy and security. We have essentially evolved. We are designing a unique new user interface and experience that improves […]

  • We are the Alternative to Mainstream Messaging Apps using Virgil e3Kit

    Originally written by Rebecca Yarbrough of Virgil Security If you have the data, you have the power. That’s how our modern digital economy works. Vox Messenger {Secure}, a new consumer and corporate messaging tool, gives that power back to the user. By using Virgil Security’s E3Kit end-to-end encryption toolkit to lock themselves and others out of access to […]

  • We are Live

    We are pleased to announce that as of 22:26, Monday 25th, November 2019, #VoxMessenger went live. After over two years of development, blood, sweat and tears, at times literally and we are proud to be able to finally put this out there. Vox Messenger is a new and secure, encrypted, free alternative to other popular chat messenger apps. VxM […]

  • What is End-to-End Encryption?

    Most messaging apps use one of two different types of database to store and relay messages and content between users. One is a self-hosted, on-premises database instance utilising corporate level software. The other is a cloud provided provision that allows for near instant scalability anywhere in the world anytime. In those instances most messaging apps, […]

  • Vox Messenger is Alive – Open Beta

    We are proud to announce that we have finally moved into Open Beta of our awesome new encrypted chat messenger app, Vox Messenger. It’s available now for download today! Combining a clean and responsive interface, our app is end-to-end encrypted features a new feature called Incinr8! Using Incinr8 you can delete your messages not just off your handset […]