The first secure text and video chat messaging app with zero personal data exploition using end-to-end post-quantum encryption.

A secure video chat messaging app available for consumers and businesses alike with end-to-end post-quantum encryption, and genuine message immolation from handsets and storage/transport servers utilising Incinr8™.

Available now on Amazon & Google Play Store.

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What is Post-Quantum Encryption?

Simply? Post-quantum cryptography, also known as quantum-proof, quantum-safe or quantum-resistant, refers to cryptographic algorithms, usually public-key algorithms, that are thought to be secure against a cryptanalytic attack by a quantum computer. Coventional encryption usually uses elliptic-curve algorithms. We use open-source algorithms featuring a hybrid model, combining lattice-based cryptography and ellitpitc-curve.

The Problem of Online Exploitation

Conventional Messaging Apps are Insecure

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are severely compromised in order to enable ads and have been proven to be fundamentally insecure.

Spying, Profiling and Ads Retargeting

Currently, our chat messages are analysed for ad-retargeting and profiling of our behavioural traits.

Corporations and Governments (Big Brother)

Facebook, Google, Apple and WhatsApp share our messages with authorities and anyone who is prepared to pay for our data.  

Everything We Do is Tagged

Conventional Chat Messenger Apps are tagging our content for analysis with Big Data + Artificial Intelligence. This data is then used to sell us things we never wanted, and that we often don’t really need. It’s mind control, manipulation and exploitation.  

The Solution is a Trust Ecosystem

Trust + Equality Ethosystem

Establishing absolute Trust with all citizens of earth. We provide true digital identity guardianship, online privacy, and data sovereignty.

Total Online Privacy + Data Security

Quantum secure messaging + encrypted personal data vault. A gift from the people - to the people - free and ad-free forever.

Complete Transparency

Open-source ideology and complete transparency in all areas of business operation and human resource management.  

Software + Hardware Implementations

Vox Messenger is the first of a family of software and hardware products designed and developed to protect us.  

How Are We Different

We are very different to our competitors. Not only is our company designed to be ethical and transparent in its operations with the wider world but it actively believes in and promotes human rights and privacy. Our app is designed to provide a secure and authentic experience while maintaining userability. We do not compromise on security to fit design or profitability.


  • We CAN NOT read your messages or shared content.
  • We DO NOT store messages once the user has deleted them.
  • We DO NOT force you to upload your contacts to our cloud.

  • We DO NOT sell your data.
  • We DO NOT sell access to your data.
  • We DO NOT exploit your data.


  • End-to-End Encryption featuring Falcon + Round 5

  • True Message Deletion featuring Incinr8TM

  • HD Encrypted Video Chat

  • Screenshot/Screen-Recording Protection

  • Enhanced Groups Privacy

  • No Ads - No Spyware

Our Stats

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*Stats listed are approximate only and recorded on August 2021.

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Post-Quantum End-2-End Encrypted. Secure. Ad-Free.
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Vox Messenger is an ad-free, post-quantum, end-to-end encrypted and secure alternative to other popular chat messenger apps.

Available for Free. Custom Corporate Edition Available on Request.

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