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We are proud to announce the release of Vox Messenger (Romero 2.2.0). It's been a long road getting the aMVP ready for release but we made it. I'd like to thank everyone who's helped me on this journey as well as the people who've patiently waited for it to be ready. Test it. Break it. Use it. Enjoy it.

We have been working hard over the passed few months upgrading our encryption algorithms and infrastructure as well as developing some interesting new innovations. For your added privacy, we are introducing a new feature called Groups Personal Info Shield. With this enabled, your name and phone number are hidden from other users within any group that you are part of. Unlike other messenger apps. You know who we mean - the green one. We have also provided additional layers of hybrid encryption to groups to ensure better end-to-end protection. For improved video communications we have now included encrypted video and voice calls. You can now securely host up to 16 participants in a single instance. We are working on expanding this.

Updates and upgrades include:

  • NEW: Dark Mode
  • NEW: Stickers
  • NEW: Groups Personal Info Shield
  • NEW: Enhanced Groups Protection
  • NEW: Biometric App Unlocking
  • Upgraded: Android 11
  • Upgraded: NodeJS 10
  • Upgraded: Video Group Calls
  • Upgraded: PQM Algorithms
  • Updated: Togglable Screenshot/Screen-Recording Protection
  • Fixed: Legacy Bugs

Do not forget. We are passionate about user feedback and ensuring that we are supporting our users in the best way. If you find a bug or experience a problem please send us a message via: And if you like the app or just like what we are doing, please feel free to leave us a review on our app store page.


We have Evolved

Vox Messenger Logo

We're working actively on improving the user and privacy experience. Now Vox Messenger {PQM} is born. We are committed to pioneering privacy and improving the user experience to ensure that everyone can benefit from true personal privacy and security. We have essentially evolved. We are designing a unique new user interface and experience that improves security and privacy while maintaining an easy to use and joyful interface.

We is working proactively to becoming the easiest to use, most secure, private messaging and social sharing platform in existence. Our evolution is part of that.

We are Live

We are pleased to announce that as of 22:26, Monday 25th, November 2019, #VoxMessenger went live. After over two years of development, blood, sweat and tears, at times literally and we are proud to be able to finally put this out there. Vox Messenger is a new and secure, encrypted, free alternative to other popular chat messenger apps. VxM is a real-time complete chatting app with groups and voice messages functionality. You can send pictures, audio, video, contact detail, map location, voice messages, a user can create groups as well. Featuring elliptic-curve encryption, decryption and true handset and database level message burning. No ads and no re-targeting ever.

Features Include:
– Incinr8 Handset and Database Message Burning
– End-2-End Encryption (Post-Quantum)
– Real-Time Chat
– FREE Phone Calls
– FREE Video Calls
– Voice Messages
– Groups Feature with Admin Functionality
– Sent/Delivered/Read Indication
– Copy/Forward/Delete Messages
– Status Updating Feature
– Push Notification on New Message
– Beautiful Material Design
– Sweet and Clean Animations
– Image Sharing
– Video Sharing
– Audio Sharing
– Contact Sharing
– Location Sharing
– Document Sharing
– Emoji Sharing


Almost every chat messenger app nowadays provides the ability to ‘delete for everyone’. Most people believe that using this function to delete their messages will delete that message literally, from everyone. However in most cases that is not the case. When a message is deleted on most competitor chat messenger apps, the message is deleted from both the sender and receiver handsets however an encrypted (hopefully) version remains on transit and storage database servers.

Our app is completely different. When you select a message or messages for deletion with Incinr8 the messages are not only deleted from both sender and receiver handsets but also all transit and storage servers that that message has used. With Incinr8 you can be certain that anything you want deleted is actually deleted.


We use an open-source high-level cryptographic library that allows you to perform all necessary operations for secure storing and transferring data in your digital solutions. Crypto Library is written in C++, suitable for mobile and server platforms and supports bindings with the following programming languages: Swift, Obj-C, Java (Android), С#/.NET, JS, Python, Ruby, PHP, Go.


– KDF2RFC2898

– X25519RFC7748
– RSANIST SP 800-56B

– SHA-2 (256/384/512)RFC4634
– Blake2RFC7693

– Ed25519RFC8032

– Linux/dev/urandom
– WindowsCryptGenRandom()

– Chacha20-Poly1305RFC7539

– X25519RFC7748
– Ed25519RFC8032
– KoblitzRFC4492
– secp192k1
– secp224k1
– secp256k1
– BrainpoolRFC5639
– bp256r1
– bp384r1
– bp512r1
– secp256r1
– secp192r1
– secp224r1
– secp384r1
– secp521r1

– Round5
– Falcon

Vox Messenger is Alive - Open Beta

We are proud to announce that we have finally moved into Open Beta of our awesome new encrypted chat messenger app, Vox Messenger. It’s available now for download today! Combining a clean and responsive interface, our app is end-to-end encrypted features a new feature called Incinr8! Using Incinr8 you can delete your messages not just off your handset but also all message servers that the message has been stored on.

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Post-Quantum End-2-End Encrypted. Secure. Ad-Free.
Lightweight and Faster than the Competition.

Vox Messenger is an ad-free, post-quantum, end-to-end encrypted and secure alternative to other popular chat messenger apps.

Available for Free. Custom Corporate Edition Available on Request.

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